KOKONANNY’s secret of baby’s pleasant sleep comes from the belief that every baby deserves mom’s loving hug.

With its unique ergonomic design, KOKONANNY helps babies to stay asleep soundly as if being held in mom’s arms. 

 Baby’s happy sleep is the first step in happy parenting.

Caring like a mom, KOKONANNY

Mom’s hug is the best place for sleepy infants to stay snug and happy. Babies feel unfamiliar and insecure without mom’s arms. However, holding a baby all the time can put a great amount of physical burden onto moms, who also need to rest. KOKONANNY’s ergonomic design and functional material deliver physical comfort and a sense of security to babies by providing a similar environment of mom’s hug. This helps babies to have a good quality sleep as if being held in mom’s loving arms. KOKONANNY is the best solution for your baby’s happiest sleep.

Safety and stability

KOKONANNY uses only 100% cotton in the areas that comes in contact with baby’s delicate skin. Using functional materials, KOKONANNY effectively prevents invasion and inhabitation of harmful substances. With its unique design for baby’s safety, KOKONANNY helps to protect baby’s unpredictable roll-over which can cause SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). All materials used for KOKONANNY go through a strict selection process, ensuring to meet the global safety standards.

The safety and well-being of babies matter most to KOKONANNY.

Versatile and convenient to use

KOKONANNY’s compact and light design makes it portable and easy to be placed in any areas near you such as a bed, crib, floor, etc., depending on different needs. Also, each part of the product can be easily detached and attached again, allowing different usages such as a cozy co-sleeper, spacious lounger, portable diaper pad, play mat, tummy time pod, etc.

!) Please do not leave babies unattended where they can fall from high places.


KOKONANNY has won the award of Gold Medal as one of the best inventions at ‘Swiss Geneva IEIG (The International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva)’, which is the world’s largest international competition of invention. KOKONANNY has also won REDDOT Award, one of the world’s most renowned prizes for the excellence of product, assessed based on innovativeness, ergonomic design, functionality, aesthetic impression, etc. It has also been patented worldwide, such United States, Germany, Japan, Korea, and other 20 more countries, confirming its status as the premium baby bed which cares baby’s better and pleasant sleep experience.