There are diverse ways to use KOKONANNY in different situations.

Adjusting the position of Nanny Support

The position of Nanny Support can be adjusted depending on the size ofyour baby or for any other needs.

Placing a baby on its back

When you need to change your baby’s sleep position from its side to its back or change diapers, or need a play mat, you can easily place your baby on its back by simply putting Nanny Support aside.

2 in 1 BED

Try using KOKONANNY without Breast Cushion and Nanny Wrap. You can use KOKONANNY as a spacious bed, a play mat or a diaper changing mat.

A portable diaper changing pad & sleeping mat

Separate Viscoelastic Cradling Mattress from the product for other uses. With its lightweight, foldable, and water-repellent properties, Viscoelastic Cradling Mattress can be used as a portable diaper changing pad or sleeping mat by itself.

Tips for babies who are sensitive to heat

Try our 3D Air-Pad

Try placing the provided Breathable Air-Pad inside the outer cover of the cradling mattress. Exceptional breathability of Air-Pad helps your baby’s body temperature from overheating.

Try using the product without Nanny Support

Nanny Wrap alone can provide the cozy feeling of mom’s arms. Its 100% cotton fabric is also effective in absorbing sweat and venting body heat.

Try KOKONANNY with Cooling Kit (optional)

We recommend using KOKONANNY with Cooling Kit for babies who are sensitive to heat or sweat a lot. The 3D design and material of Cooling Kit release the baby’s body-heat and maximize air-permeability. It provides a pleasant sleep environment for babies who are sensitive to heat.

* Apply Cooling Kit (Cooling Wrap/Cooling Support) the same way as the original Nanny Wrap/Nanny Support.